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    Beijing, the capital city of China today, a political, cultural and international communication center, it is also the place which all Chinese people are yearning for and attracts overseas people with its oriental culture.  
Beijing cultural tour 5 days
Lhasa is indeed the most characteristic and charming city of the world. It is not only its extreme high elevation of 3700 meter which makes the new arrivers dizzy, but also its long history of 1300 years. Its cultural relics and religious atmosphere make all visitors amazed.
Tibet tour 8 days
Guilin, a famous sightseeing city of the world with nice scenery, has a matchless Karst topography. The four unique landscapes of Guilin are green hills, clear waters, splendid caves and magnificent rocks. It is so praised that Guilin's landscape is the most beautiful one since ancient time.
Guilin leisure tour 5 days
Hainan has a long coastline of 1618 kilometer with exotic beaches which can be explored as seashore tourist resorts. Colorful marine living things bring the unforgettable view of underwater world to divers.
Hainan seashore holidays
    Dali, an old city over thousand years. With its long history and culture, it is named as a famous state of historical documents. Dali is the living place of Bai-Nationality. You can not find any other place in Yunnan where you can feel the traditional custom of Bai-Nationality so much.  
Kunming, Dali, Lijiang 6 days

The Yellow Mountain, a symbol of the elegant landscapes of China, was listed as protected natural heritage of human beings by UNO in 1990. Please come and discover the old villages around this mountain, the Anhui Housing Style represents an ancient and pure culture of central China.

The Yellow Mountain 5 days
Shanghai owns an excellent location and outstanding human resource. It makes Shanghai become the largest commercial center, communication hub and foreign trading port of China since hundred years. Since the opening from 1978, Shanghai has changed greatly in all fields as well as economically and socially. The comprehensive power has been enriched strongly and the city changes its outlook with each passing day.
Eastern China 5 cities in 5 days
Xian owns plenty of historic and cultural attractions: walking along the broad street of this ancient metropolis, you can see the city wall, Confucius temple, and also the landmark of big or small wild goose towers. Certainly, people concern more upon the underground: there is the so called eighth wonder of the world here.
Xi'An historical tour 4 days
    Harbin, the city architecture influenced by Russia, is located at the northern point of China. Its high season of tourism is the wintertime. Please come and experience the fantastic snow skiing, ice-skating, and get amazed about the open air display of ice-carving.  
Have you tried the cruiser's journey along the Yangtse River? The river is also the source of Chinese culture. You enjoy not only the scenery of the Three Gorges, but also many cultural attractions.
Yangtse River tour
    Shangdong, the hometown of Confucius. Come and get informed how the Confucianism became the main element of Chinese philosophy and influence China so well. The local custom and festivals will also impress you very much.  
Tsingtao, a colony of Germany at the end of Qing dynasty. This coastal city shows you a clean and tidy view of a modern city. Walking along the beautiful seashore with your sweetheart lets you have a romantic feeling. The beer festival and ocean carnival are held every July and August.
    Zhangjiajie is located at the northwest of Hunan Province, upper reaches of the Lishui River, total area 9516 square kilometers. It is a natural reserve and also a national park of China, and was entitled as a Natural Heritage of the World by the UNO.  
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