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About Zhuhai
Located in the south of Guangdong Province, Zhuhai City is a coastal garden-style city, connecting Hongkong to the east by water and Macau to the south by land. It covers a long coastline and 146 islands in different size, and is called as city of hundred islands. Zhuhai is a special economic zone which was founded early in China, owns a total area of 7650 square kilometer and a population of 1,230,000. Sitting at hill and facing to sea, Zhuhai has a mild climate, a nice scenery, a convenient traffic network and abundant facilities. With its clean urban district and fresh atmosphere, Zhuhai was entitled as a most suitable living place for Human Being in China by the UNO.
Cliff Caving at Shixi
Located at Shangchang Village, Xiangzhou, it is a work of Qing Dynasty created by the local scholar Baojun and his people, altogether 32 spots, appears on the rocks around Shixi, aged from 1831 to 1879. this cliff carving was listed as protected relics of Zhuhai City in 1986.
Meixi Archway
Located at Meixi Village, Qianshan Town, it is built in 1886 and 1891. 3 archways are remained. It was listed as protected relics of Zhuhai city in 1987. In 1886, the Emperor Guangxu granted the construction of this archway as an award to the consul of Hawaii Chenfang who was lacally born. The archway is made of granite, frame structure with carving of animals, flowers, figures and fairies.
Fortress Latashi
Situated at the hill Paotaishan, it was built and defended in 1841, after the Qing Dynasty lost its military control to Macau during the first opium war. On August 22, 1849, the Macau Governor was murdered by a local young man Shen-A-Mi. Supported by the English, French and Americans, the Portuguese attacked this fortress and invaded the territory of China. Since then, China lost the sovereignty of Macau. In Nov. 1949, the fortress was given back to the Chinese Army.
Zhuhai Museum
Situated at the foot of Shijingshan hill, it is an imitation of classical palace. The main building is 16 meter high and 70 meter wide, with surrounded water and marble bridge. It is now the city museum of Zhuhai, displaying history and local custom.
Ancient Relics at Shawan
Located at the sand hill above the coast, east of Qiao Island. Ceramic pieces of the New Stone Age were discovered, it is one of few ancient relics in Guangdong Province. Examined by the China Science Institute, the age should be 4450 years from now.
Residence of Suzhaozheng.
Located in Qi'ao village, Qi'ao island. The owner, Suzhaozheng, 1885-1929, a pioneer of China labor movement. This housse has a structure of wood and tile, was built in Daoguang Period of Qing dynasty, total area 64 squaremeter. Su was born here on Nov. 11, 1885.
Residence of Sumanshu
Located in Lixi Village, Qianshan Town. Total area 40 sqaremeter. Sumanshu, 1884-1918, a famous poet and writer of China. It was listed as protected relics of Zhuhai City in 1984.
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