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Brief introduction

China International Travel Service Head Office, (abbreviated as CITS), was founded formally in Beijing on April 15, 1954, under the concerning of the former prime Minister Zhou En Lai. At the same time, its branches appeared in 12 cities such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou etc. Through several decades of struggle by our staffs, CITS has become a famous brand in inland and overseas. It was entitled as the only famous brand of China tourism by the National Trademark Administration in 1999, and has been registered in over 60 countries and regions in the world. Due to its contribution and fame, CITS head office becomes now the only enterprise of WTO(World Tourism Organization) of China, and stands at the chief position of China Travel Agencies. Meanwhile, CITS has participated in the international organizations such as PATA(Pacific Asian Travel Agency Association), IATA (International Aviation Transportation Association) and ASTA. In 2002, CITS head office set up a joint venture with American Express, one of the 500 powerful enterprises of the world. Year after year, CITS head office has succeeded in an outstanding achievement of business operation, all major index were listed in the front row of the appraisal promoted by the National Tourism Admininstration. It was awarded as the first position of 100 powerful travel agencies of China, the best enterprise, the highst foreign exchange creator, and the most quantity of inbound tourists. Due to its quality service and wide scope management, CITS owns 14 overseas subsidiaries in America, Europe, Japan and Australia, and also over 1400 steady and loyal customers. In China, it has 150 subbranches and combined enterprises, it becomes really a large holding company of travel agency which is famous in inland and all over the world. According to the 500 most Valuable Trademarks of China in 2004 and 2005, the brand CITS was listed at the 53 rd and 50 th position with a value of 8.881 and 10.364 billion Yuan. It is the No. 1 trademark of Chinese Tourism Industry.
China International Travel Service, Zhuhai (abbreviated as CITS Zhuhai) was founded in 1982. It was named primarily China International Travel Service, Zhuhai Branch, renamed later as China International Travel Service, Zhuhai in 1991. Being an important member of our holding group CITS, we operate inbound and outbound tours chartered by Tourism Administration, and own the partnership of China Association of Travel Service(CATS) and International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA). In 2005, we joined in the American Express Global Leisure Network, and participated in the range of business travel. CITS Zhuhai owns a qualified and skillful service team, offering you our offices in Zhuhai, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with a wide range travel service. With our offices located in the city, we are one of the most powerful travel agency in Zhuhai.


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